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Mediated visits

Afro-Brasil Museum offers to the public mediated visits with a team of educators,  specialized professionals and researchers committed with the themes approached in the long term or temporary  expositions. With the purpose of bringing  the visitors and the patrimony closer,  the visits have as a start point the  Host  Center and may be carried out through some questionings, story telling or readings, ring-around-the rosy, songs – among other strategies. Besides preparing the group to the visit, the aim is to contribute to the quality of the  relationship between the educator and the public..

Visits scheduled by email: agendamento@museuafrobrasil.org.br


Theme visits 

Theme visits have the aim of providing the visitor with opportunities to  go in more deeply with  their knowledge and thoughts about  the historical facts, languages and concepts approached during the long-term exposition.
The educator  guides the visit highlighting aspects and information sometimes unknown or not taken into account.

The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm extending until 6pm. On the last Tuesday of each month, the museum is opened until 9pm.

The museum is open all year, except on:

  • December 24th and 25th
  • December 31st
  • January 1st